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Free OS X Menubar Apps

This week Free Mac Software and Mac OS X Screencasts present another montage of some of the most recommended menubar apps.

Produced in cooperation with: Free Mac Software.

File Sharing

The first two applications are DropCopy and CloudApp. Their main purpose is to make file sharing easier. DropCopy let’s you share files on a local network or with an iPhone, whereas CloudApp let’s you share files online.


It’s often hard to concentrate on one things, because our computers usually run multiple apps at once. Spirited Away, Isolator, and Think help you to better focus on those important things.
Spirited Away hides unused apps after a set amount of time. Isolator and Think put a curtain between your important work and all the distracting things.

Notify, a Gmail Notifier

Notify let’s you check for new email without requiring you to have a full-blown email client running all the time. You can create MobileMe, Gmail, Rackspace and generic IMAP accounts to check for. Easy. The pro version even allows interaction with emails.


MenuMeters is an application that allows you to monitor memory, disk, CPU and memory usage directly from your menubar. This way you can see at a glance how much of your computer’s resources are currently used.

SlimBatteryMonitor is a small application that is ought to replace OS X’s own menubar battery item with a much smaller version. The icon can also change under certain conditions. Allowing you to remove the menubar item completely when your Mac is fully charged and connected to a wall.

SMARTReporter is a tool that monitors your Mac’s S.M.A.R.T. status. In case this status changes, you will be instantly notified and you can create a backup, if you don’t have one already.


Eternal Storm’s GimmeSomeTune is an iTunes controller that allows you to control iTunes directly from the menubar, or sets your iChat status to the currently playing song, or downloads album art or lyrics for tracks without.