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Announcement: The Hazel Tutorial

I had a lot of requests for a specific app to do a screencast on: Hazel by Noodlesoft.
It’s one of those apps that can save such a lot of time, but is also very hard to master. That’s why I never wanted to make a 15-minute screencast. I just couldn’t fit all the content I wanted to show off in it.

We’re going to make a live tutorial on Hazel. Sunday, July 1st 2012 at 8pm (GMT+1)

  • The tutorial is €7.50 for live-attendees.
    • Live-attendees will get the finished screencast for free once it’s produced. (This will take about 1 month production time)
    • Non-attendees will have to buy the finished screencast for more than €7.50.
  • The tutorial will be available for download without DRM and many additional resources. This way you can further improve your Hazel skills.
  • Approximate length: 1h:30m
  • There will be a Q&A session at the end of the live tutorial.
  • The live tutorial will be held in English.
    • I cannot guarantee that a German version will (ever) be available! If you want to be notified though, send me an email and mention the word “German”.


Registration is over!

Click here to subscribe for notification on the final product.


  • Beginner level:
    • Introduction to main Hazel concepts
    • Introduction to Spotlight (a technology Hazel uses for its conditions)
    • Testing rules
    • Beginner Examples
    • App Sweep, Clean Trash
  • Intermediate level
    • Automatic filing
    • Rename files
    • Nested conditions
  • Advanced level
    • Sort into subfolder
    • Subfolder Depth, Sub-file/folder count
    • Open iPhone links
  • Pro level
    • Hidden settings
    • Extending Hazel with AppleScript/Shell scripts
    • Automating your Mac

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