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What’s new in iOS 6?

  • All New Maps
  • Siri
    • Siri is now “final”
  • Facebook
    • Integration with Notification Center, Game Center and the rest of the OS.
    • Syncs birthdays and contacts from Facebook
    • Upload pictures to Facebook
    • Configure access in Settings
  • Photo Stream
    • Shared Photo Streams
    • Like photos
    • Comment on photos
  • Passbook
    • Boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons
    • Check into flights
    • See when coupons expire
    • Locate seats in the concert hall
    • Location reminders to check in on location.
  • FaceTime: Works over cellular
  • Phone
    • When someone calls your can respond quickly like:
      • Decline calls with message
      • Make reminder
  • Mail
    • VIP’s: VIP’s sync over iCloud
    • Add photos and videos to emails.
    • Emails can now be rich text.
  • Safari
    • iCloud Tabs
    • Offline Reading
    • Media upload
    • Fullscreen → iPhone/iPod touch in landscape
  • Accessibility
    • Restrict to one app
    • Restrict touch input to certain areas on the screen.
  • Camera with Panorama
    • Only available on iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5 gen
  • Find My iPhone
    • Lost Mode keeps phone “alive”, but locked. A finder can be called right from the lock screen, without giving access to the rest of the phone.
    • Data connection via WIFI or Mobile is required.
  • Find My Friends
    • Location reminders for friends. Like when a kid leaves their school.
  • Better Stores
    • iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store now share the same look and feel.
    • App Store now has full-screen screenshots.
  • German keyboard now has Umlauts
    • Enalbe in Settings → General → Keyboards → German → Set to German (Not QWERTZ)
  • iTunes Match
    • Can now stream songs
    • Doesn’t allow to download individual songs anymore
    • Here’s how I handle iTunes Match on my phone. When the space runs out, I delete all music.
    • Play position syncs over iCloud
  • Limit Ad tracking
    • Settings → About → …
  • Do not Disturb
  • Shortcuts sync over iCloud
  • iPad now has Clock app
  • Optimized for China

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