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Keyboard Maestro Review (+ Free Serials & Discount)

Keyboard Maestro is one of those kind of tools which, when configured appropriately, save us so much time. What Keyboard Maestro does is simply execute a couple of actions (which are called Macros (as a group of actions)) by activating specific triggers. These can be shortcuts, typed strings, or their menubar item – even MIDI notes can be used.
A Macro can be, practically, everything:

  • Window manipulations
  • Clicks somewhere
  • Keyboard entries
  • Applescripts, Shell Scripts or Automator Workflows
  • Sleeping or shutting down the system

Keyboard Maestro is designed to open a whole world of creative uses for it. It’s flexible, handy and always just a click or shortcut away.
All Macros (nonstandard) shown in the screencast can be downloaded here:
MOSX Keyboard Maestro Macros


Download: Keyboard Maestro
Current Version: 4.2
Operating System: 10.5
Price: Keyboard Maestro: $36.00

Free Licenses & Discount

Those who comment until April, 25 2010 on this entry, telling us their favourite feature of either Keyboard Maestro product OR retweet (only use the retweet function!) us on Twitter are able to win 3 free licenses for Keyboard Maestro.

The winners will be chosen randomly, after the giveaway has expired. The winners will be notified via email. Therefore, please use a valid email address! Please remember, your address will, under no circumstances, be given to third parties — except you are one of our lucky winners.

Alternatively we are offering a great 10% discount on Keyboard Maestro! Just use the following code to shop at the website:


23 Responses to “Keyboard Maestro Review (+ Free Serials & Discount)”

  1. fellowweb says:

    Mein Lieblingsfeature von KM würde die Möglichkeit werden, das automatische Abspeichern von Webseiten als PDF mit KM zu skripten. ;)

    Kann es sein, dass man auf Twitter noch nichts zum Retweeten findet?

  2. I use a macro to print the Keyboard Maestro documentation as a PDF, and its done by first setting a hot key for “Save as PDF…” in All Applications in the System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts, then you use a macro like:

    Activate Safari.app
    Execute Shell Script “rm -f ~/Desktop/pdf.pdf”
    Pause For 1 Seconds [wait for Safari to activate]
    Type the ⌘P Keystroke
    Type the ⌃⌥⇧⌘S Keystroke [Save as PDF...]
    Type the ⌘D Keystroke [Desktop]
    Insert Text ‘pdf’ by Typing [Type name]
    Type the Return Keystroke [Save]
    Pause For 7 Seconds [Wait for the printing/save to finish]

    That gives a reasonably robust “Save web page to PDF”. I then call this from a shell script which then moves the resulting PDF elsewhere. Feel free to email me for more details.

  3. Michael says:

    Ich hab einige Features die mir gefallen eines wäre für mich die Möglichkeit sehr leicht neue Macros anzulegen und das andere die Möglichkeit auch Fenster nur durch Tastenkombis zu verändern. Ich versuche gerade die Testversion aus und finde es einfach super. Ich würde mich riesig freuen, falls ich die Testversion zu einer Vollversion umwandeln könnte!!

  4. ofj says:

    Ein tolles Tool, da fällt es wirklich schwer ein Feature herauszustellen, aber ich fand z.B. die Möglichkeit des Schlafenlegen oder herunterfahren des Systems (auch über Remote) besonders klasse.

  5. Zettt says:

    Peter, your list is now a list. I’m using Markdown to format my articles here. The plugin also formats the comments automatically. I’ve put ⎵⎵ at the end of each line to make the list “a list”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. fellowweb says:

    @Peter N Lewis:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to outline a solution!

  7. thebluehill says:

    wieder ein klasse screencast, komm kaum noch nach es weiter zu empfehlen ;) glaube du hast wieder das tool gefunden wonach ich noch gar nicht gesucht habe, aber total praktisch ist, vor allem die kombination macro+remote!

    gruß hannes

  8. Alan Schmitt says:

    I don’t use Keyboard Maestro (yet), and I was wondering if it could deal with the following usage (for which I don’t have any solution yet).

    I often have to insert several snippets of text (that I copied) inside holes in a bigger text. At the moment I copy all of them, and use a TextMate snippet to create the text with holes. I then “tab” to the holes and (using Launchbar’s clipboard history) fill in what I need.

    As the order in which I’m putting things in the clipboard is always the same, would there be a way to have a macro that:

    inserts some text
    inserts clipboard history item #1
    inserts more text
    inserts clipboard history item #2
    etc …

    If Keyboard Maestro can do this, I’ll definitely by it on the spot!

    (It would be great also to have a comparison with TextExpander: are there people who use both, or does Keyboard Maestro replaces it?)

  9. Zettt says:

    I use both if that answers your question. Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander are working really well together.

    You could even try to simply “record” your workflow or make use of the Clipboard feature. (⇧⌘X/C/V and put stuff on there. Like in slot 1 history item #1. Then use the code there to insert it somewhere else) Keyboard Maestro can insert predefined text so maybe you want to make use of that one as well.

    Insert predefined text 1
    Activate Clibpoard
    ↓, Return
    Insert text 2
    Activate Clipboard
    ↓, ↓, Return
    and so on…

    Before activating this Macro you should put stuff into each slot in the Clipboard…Does it became clear what I mean?!

  10. Alan Schmitt says:

    Thanks a lot, Zettt, this is really clear and seems to do exactly what I want. I’ll give it a try!

  11. Zettt says:

    Alan: I’m so sorry. Found a much easier solution to your problem. Download Keyboard Maestro and have a look in the “Global Macro Group”. There is a Macro named “Paste Previous Clipboard”.
    The action “Set Clipboard to Past Clipboard” has an option to select the past 1,2,3,4,n’th clipboard. That will, most likely, be your solution.

  12. Alan: Its actually easier than that, you can insert text, and the text can have tokens in it, one of which is %PastClipboard%1%, so you could do something like Insert Text with:

    Your name is %PastClipboard%2% and your email is %PastClipboard%1% and your address is %PastClipboard%3%

    Copy the clipboards in the right order and that will insert the whole lot in one action.

  13. Alan Schmitt says:

    Very nice! Thanks again for the tips.


  14. Alan Schmitt says:

    OK, I just tried it, and it’s just magic. What really sold me on this is that I can create a group of macros for a particular task (in my case editing some weekly news in TextMate), and have it activated only in a given application (TextMate) when I trigger it. Only then the macros are available. It’s just amazing.

    Thanks again for the suggestions and the screencast. I’ll wait for a few days to see if I win a license, and if not I’ll just go buy it ;-)

  15. Ajay Goel says:

    KM is frigging awesome!

    My most common usage are: - Maximize window using move and click - Open my favorite document - Click menu items - Execute shell scripts - Clipboard switcher

  16. HanSolo68 says:

    Mir gefällt die Möglichkeit, Shortcuts und Scripting für Programme zu machen, die diese Möglichkeit eigentlich nicht bieten. Und da selbst Mousekommandos gescriptet werden können, kann man (fast) alles automatisieren.

  17. KM trial says:

    I just set up KM to open all my favorite apps at log in and configured their on-screen placement to a particular macro. It seems really useful.

  18. Chris says:

    KM ist das eine Tool, dem ich gerne etwas Zeit widmen will. Seit Version 4 hat es sich stark verbessert.

    Sei es als App-Switcher, automatisieren bestimmter Abläufe (ohne AppleScript und Automator Kenntnisse), Fenster anpassen und und und.

    Mein Lieblingsmakro wird folgendes sein: Melde meine Time-Machine Festplatte ab und lege dann meinen Mac schlafen.

    Viele Grüße, Chris

  19. Stephan says:


    mal wieder ein sehr gelungener Screencast!Für mich wäre es die ideale Ergänzung zu Launchbar. Da ich Quicksilver nicht mehr nutze wäre Launchbar + Keyboard Maestro ein verbessertes Quicksilver. Man kann Keyboard Maestro mit Sicherheit sehr gut in seinen Workflow einbeziehen und dadurch noch optimieren!



  20. datengrab says:

    Das Manipulieren von Fenstern ist für mich als Keyboard-Junkie das Lieblingsfeature …

  21. izdale says:

    I have set up custom shortcut keys in many of the apps that I use. I have set up so many now that it’s getting hard to remember which one is which. Having a program like this to manage them would be very helpful.

  22. puffmoike says:

    I’m using the trial version of Keyboard Maestro, and am only scratching the surface of its capabilities at the moment.

    But I love it already just for the shortcuts I’ve created which resize and reposition windows on my 27″ iMac screen (full screen, left half, right half, top left quarter, etc, etc).


  23. Zettt says:

    izdale, Ajay Goel, Stephan!


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